How much time do you dedicate understanding and listening to your core audience? Listening and understanding are two critical components when designing a website that represents an organization's, or perhaps an individual's professional, brand. The answers impact brand design, website colors, how content is written, photos and designs used, methods leads are captured, and how customers are nurtured, among other capabilities of an organization as well.

The website that's built to represent your organization's brand is for the customers that will buy from your company. These customers can make up several forms, from retail consumers to investors and other businesses. 

Consider the content on your site that holds the most value to them. It could take the shape of how the page is structured, how easy it is to find answers to common questions, easy access to forms and contact information, its usability on a phone, or many other scenarios.

Capturing this information daily feeds intelligent web design decisions. Content is generated that’s usable and interesting to your core audience, and the user experience will follow the journeys your organization creates to increase and maintain conversions. 

Unsure how to get started within your organization? Send us a note on what you’re interested in achieving with your brand and we’ll set up a free web design consultation to go over how we turn effective listening into intelligent user experiences and web designs.


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