Measuring the success of your brand marketing campaigns will show how your audience remembers your brand and interest. Both reactions are important to measure if your brand marketing strategies are continuing to reach new individuals or falling short of expectations.

Keep in mind, brand marketing is not a direct connection to driving leads, but rather a portion. Depending on the level of investment your leads must require to ask for assistance can determine if you receive a lead. However, with brand marketing we first must know how our message resonates with our audience.

We start in Google Analytics, Google Search Console, or any other analytics platform you may use to evaluate keywords used in organic traffic. In this example, we'll use Search Console. Navigate to the Performance. In the top section, you can shift between Web queries (SERP), Image results, and Video.

Below will appear all keywords being searched on Google that your website appears for, and if there's a click to come to your website or not. We're looking for your brand keywords, such as the name of your company and/or products. Look for correctly spelled and incorrectly spelled names.

When a person searches for your brand name, it usually means they have received your brand communication and: are new to your brand and doing research, already connected and continuing their learning, received more messaging (through ads such as remarketing, social media, or others) and remembering. In other cases, these can be competitors with the same understanding.

These visits in your analytics platform are represented in Direct (already familiar with your website and coming from a bookmark or already known), Referral, and Organic. In other cases, you may be running a PPC brand campaign and these results will come in Campaign results.

It's always great to export these results (top right of Search Console) so that you can sift through the details and build the data month-to-month.

Now that you know how to measure your brand marketing results, we can have an intelligent conversation about understanding how to scale your efforts to generate more interest. Let's set up a free consultation to go through your goals and how E-dreamz can work together with your team to get there.


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