Ranking well on Google’s search when people look up healthcare services in their local area is critical to continuously bring in new customers. Often, potential customers look to their peers, or reputation reviews on Google and Facebook, to see if the doctor or facility provides a great service.

Customers look for details of what others have written about their visit, purchase, the experience of someone they were with, and what the medical team responded with to the review. Doing so, customers and potential customers form their own opinion on doctors, physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare locations based on the reputation rating without speaking to anyone.

In digital marketing, there are several reputation strategies and tactics to increase reputation ranking, enhance the reputation, and deepen the brand influence for patients to experience. Here are three effective methods:

Tip 1: Know Where Patients Give Their Opinion. Find where patients place their reviews about their experience at a medical facility and the level of care from the medical professional. Patients tend to leave reviews immediately, or within a couple days, of their visit. Knowing where to look is important to understanding what patients are experiencing and sharing with the public. Popular websites for healthcare reviews are Google, FacebookVitals, Healthgrades, and ZocDoc.

Tip 2: Respond to Customers. Google looks for consistent engagement with people who leave reviews. If you’ve tackled step 1 above to know where reviews are coming from, begin responding to each review to continue providing a great experience. Positive reviews and negative reviews can be nurtured. Google recognizes the activity, and will add it to your SEO ranking factors.

Tip 3: Look for customer sentiment. How patients feel about their visit is customer sentiment. These feelings are communicated in reviews using descriptive keywords to show how they felt during and after the physical visit or virtual appointment. Look for trends, repeating phrases, and shared feelings among all reviews. Then create content based on the sentiment that can be used in a variety of ways, such as addressing concerns, promoting a new or popular doctor, saying “Thank You,” or many other ways.


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