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Usability - Scalability - Reliability. Echo by E-dreamz is a website framework that was carefully planned, crafted and developed by the team of top developers and architects at E-dreamz, Inc. As a fully custom code base that is not built on top of any pre-built web platform, Echo by E-dreamz can be altered, customized, extended and integrated in any way to meet the unique needs of enterprise level multi-location healthcare groups or specialty medical providers. Each Echo solution is custom designed, tailored, and programmed to provide the exact features needed by the organization and the web application. This ensures minimal technical debt and maximum performance and security. Provided as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, Echo is continually patched, updated and enhanced to ensure that the engine powering your website is "future proof" and will never reach end of life or run into challenges with versioning, conflicts or upgrade paths. 

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Speed & Marketability

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The most noticeable advantage of Echo when compared to other web frameworks is its speed. Echo is fast. The code is lightweight and optimized. Every feature is designed to work in concert with every other feature to create a total web solution that runs at blazing speed and can process large volumes of data quickly. And with Google's increasing emphasis on page-speed as a factor in search engine ranking, having the fastest-loading pages possible is critical for your website's overall marketability.

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Security & Reliability

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Leveraging no 3rd party extensions or pre-built utilities, Echo is an entirely self-contained, custom-written framework that employs multiple levels of modern web security. With partners for secure data handling of patient information, we assist with maintaining HIPAA compliance. And since Echo is entirely built, managed and supported by the team of architects and engineers at E-dreamz, Inc., it will forever receive routine patches, security updates, and functional enhancements that are rolled out in a timely and seamless manner to all of our websites.

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Custom CMS Components

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The Echo framework is secured and established, but your individual website's look and feel is wide open. Every Echo website enjoys the advantage of a unique, customized design that is yours and yours alone. Our team of on-staff designers will work with you to customize a look that fits your business and your vision for your online experience. And we tailor the backend CMS controls to meet the specific content needs of pages, layouts and features to provide an intuitive, easy to learn administration experience that doesn't require deep web development knowledge.

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Personal, Hands-on Support

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At E-dreamz, we don't "sell websites"... we form partnerships. You're contracting with a premier healthcare digital agency that will design, build, host and support your healthcare website for the duration of your relationship with us. We staff a full team of account managers, project managers, business analysts, programmers, user experience developers, system administrators, and internet marketers who will be an extension of your own marketing or administrative team. Our people are our product; Echo is the tool we use to help your organization succeed and grow online.


Fast & Efficient

Echo by E-dreamz is programmed, designed and tested to deliver your content as quickly and efficiently as possible to your patients, staff and other site visitors. With intelligent caching, a fast full-text search, and optimized lightweight code, Echo is primed to perform. In doing so Echo helps drive engagements, appointments and referrals for your healthcare organization.

Safe & Secure

With no exploitable plugins, extensions or commonly known security holes, Echo by E-dreamz is built with your data's safety in mind. Every Echo website includes IP firewall protection for the administrative backend and runs behind an SSL free of charge. And our development team ensures that no PHI is transmitted through non-secure web forms.

Mobile-Friendly & Responsive

Echo websites are designed to be mobile-first - your site will scale responsively to display your content seamlessly on mobile, desktop and tablet views. Where a completely unique look and feel is desired, our on-staff designers can tailor your Echo experience with a fully custom web design. Where accelerated development is preferred, we can integrate any html theme into our Echo platform.

Robust CMS

The Echo content management system is designed for ease of usability but also keeps a web-savvy administrator in mind. From marketing panels, to calls-to-action, to page copy, structured inputs, and customized components for Providers, Locations, Services and Patient Resources - you'll be able to easily manage everything that your website conveys.

Full Marketing & SEO Suite

With social media integration, full SEO controls, detailed analytics & reporting, and custom options for integration with other third party marketing tools, Echo is a true SEO powerhouse. And when partnered with our own marketing team for ongoing digital marketing services, Echo serves as the foundation for growth, conversions, and increased patient engagement for your practice.


Every Echo healthcare website is built with accessibility for the visually impaired in mind. We adhere to the WCAG 2.1 guidelines for developing accessible websites. This helps comply with the ADA and ensures all visitors to your website will be able to access all areas of the website, regardless of their disabilities.

Lifetime Updates & Support

Echo is supported by E-dreamz, a premier healthcare digital development and marketing agency headquartered in Charlotte, NC. Your Echo website will receive continual support from our team of developers and administrators for core security updates for the lifetime of your website.

Compliant Partners

E-dreamz' top caliber programmers and developers are experienced with integrating Echo with other software systems. Whether it’s for HIPAA compliant forms, patient portals, appointment scheduling, or online bill pay - we can integrate with any of the most popular self-management or patient support tools in the industry.

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