Website Modernization

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Carolina NeuroSurgery & Spine Associates is one of the largest private neurosurgical practices in the USA. The organization is nationally recognized in spinal expertise and innovative treatments. They offer brain, spine, peripheral nerve disorder, stroke, epilepsy, birth defects, concussions, neck and lower back pain, and pituitary tumors.

The Challenge & Solution

Previously, the website had a box-like and limiting layout. Although presentable, it didn't voice the answers to questions and concerns through its content to satisfy its medical family.

E-dreamz redesigned the medical website capturing their healthcare audience to engage with provider, location, and/or treatment content.

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Customer Perspective

Customer centric web design that didn't overcomplicate its purpose. Provided easy to follow navigation with easy to find calls to action (CTA).

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Optimized For Experience

Maximizing the width for the user to interact with the website, focus was then placed on drawing in patient interest and helping them retain where the information lives.

Custom Media

Layout that supports multiple formats of content: articles, video blogs, guides, interviews, and more. We designed for mobile-first where the content can inform and provide additional means to continue viewing the website.

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Provider Focused

Above-the-fold and presentation elements for image and video to show provider imagery for doctor, health, wellness, treatments, and service. Eye catching color schemes to compliment professionalism and expertise.