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E-dreamz is proud to partner with our latest orthopaedic client - Andrews Sports Medicine.

The Challenge & Solution

At E-dreamz, our first priority was to understand Andrews Sports Medicine, its patients, providers, staff, history of the brand, its image and how individuals view their brand currently. We talked with the Andrews marketing and communications team, discussing the details of their services, brand, strategies, and expectations.

In the discussion, we broke out consistent themes that related to visual and emotional takeaways, competitive advantages, and critical components of the Andrews brand. The result spoke to the colors, layouts, visual selections, and phrasing that was built into the Andrews website today.

Web Design Strategy

The user experience was created by an overhaul digital brand by rethinking the Andrews Sports Medicine brand colors, fonts and iconography from the ground up. We designed a new website, digital assets material, and additional digital and print marketing materials to be cohesive with the new look. With their robust amount of content from the media centers and podcasts, it was important to incorporate these in ways that are both informative and easy to navigate.

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Patient Experience

Changing the look and feel of the site wasn't enough. Andrews needed to instill reliability with emotional confidence to their existing and potential clients, who trust that their doctors will always have their patient's needs first.

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Mobile UX

We provided Andrews Sports Medicine with detailed guides on understanding how their pages were being consumed on mobile devices that prioritized the most ideal content into the new design. User testing resulted in behaviors and metrics that were built into the design theme.

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User Personas

From our testing, analytics, and insights, we developed user personas that helped continue design strategies impacting web and social media content.

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We conducted an exhaustive search for impactful and active keywords used by their existing and potential patients that we can leverage. We aimed at keywords around medical practice, doctors names, locations, and brand. Once the Andrews team approved our discoveries, we fused each page of the new website with priority and subpriority keywords, while educating internal teams how to best structure seo content so they can continue to create efficiently.

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Social Media Marketing

We employed strategic approaches to several themes already published or being considered. For social media, it’s important to give each doctor and the brand a voice. We designed multiple templates that can be applied to any scenario of content, and formatted to the social platform.

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Better campaign analysis and a robust website are two critical components of an integrated marketing plan. Our multi-tiered approach to analysis combined SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, Social Media, and Reputation Marketing into one robust report available in real-time and monthly snapshots.