Keep up with our team as we explore Charlotte and give you some insight into the latest web trends.

Targeting Your Facebook Ads

Have you ever seen an ad on your Facebook Newsfeed and felt like you were being stalked? How does Facebook know where to place these ads? Let's take a look behind the curtain.

Instagram Ads vs. Facebook Ads: Which is Best for Your Brand?

Facebook and Instagram are two very dominant social media platforms and advertising on them can be very beneficial to your business. Advertising on them can be very similar, but also different. Should you be using both?

Twitter Advertising

Tweets, retweets, hashtags, quoted tweets, handles – what in the world?

Facebook Advertising: An Introduction

Many companies and brands these days are looking for ways to connect with their customer base and demographic and one way to do that is through Facebook advertising.

Capitala Website

Capitala Group is a leading provider of capital to lower and traditional middle-market companies through its family of credit focused funds.

September Feature: Social Advertising

Free your mind of all the negative connotation every performance marketer has said about social. I was likely the biggest non-believer two or three years ago. Though that has all changed! The tools have matured, the audience has matured, and... It works!

Embracing the "Mobile First" Mindset

Recently the E-dreamz Production team partnered up with Google to go over some best practices for mobile website design based on numerous studies and questionnares they have conducted. We covered a lot of good points during the discussion but my main take-away from it all? We need to have a "mobile first" mindset now in 2016 and going into 2017.

Your Website’s Effectiveness & Performance: Less is More; Simpler is Better

The more you try to force your website to do, the less effective it will be for your business. Simpler is better.

Fiber Office Invasion Complete

A big thank you to everybody who was able to make it out to the event and make it a roaring success.

Adwords Case Study

Keeping to the topic of the Google Adwords platform this month, I want to provide some insight that goes beyond just an explanation of the pros and cons of leveraging an advertising platform and walk through a quick case study to show you the ways in which we utilize this software for our clients.

Sports Force Parks - Case Study

Read about the challenge, solution and results that E-dreamz worked through with Sports Force Parks.