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We’re excited to announce the launch of our most recent web application, the new website for ProMotion Rehab & Sports Medicine . Our partnership with ProMotion adds a fast-growing new physical therapy and sports medicine website to our portfolio and gives us another opportunity to flex our healthcare marketing muscles to drive patient engagement and deliver results for a new practice.

The Challenge & Solution

ProMotion’s previous website ran on WordPress and suffered from all of the typical challenges associated with using WordPress for a major healthcare website: a glut of out of date plugins; broken page templates, widgets and inserts; a slow, cumbersome content management experience; and the general mess of disorganized content that inevitably arises from a site that has seen numerous iterations of web themes and extensions over the years.

Our process started where it always does - with a thoughtful evaluation of ProMotion’s content, messaging, audiences, and needs. We developed a full wireframe document to reorganize all of the available content on their site into a user flow that would enhance the patient’s navigation experience while also optimizing pages for SEO and ranking. We then translated that wireframe into a true, custom design that showcased ProMotion’s branding, therapists, facilities, and services in a much more compelling way. That custom design was then applied to our Echo by E-dreamz enterprise healthcare CMS to deliver ProMotion a top shelf web application that will position their healthcare group for maximum digital performance for years to come.

Web Design Strategy

As a rehabilitation and sports medicine practice, we knew ProMotion’s brand identity was one of vibrant movement and messaging that speaks to “getting you back in the game”. This notion drove the concepts developed by our creative team for their unique digital branding. We leveraged a bright, high-contrast color palette, dynamic video and imagery, stark contrasts and eye-catching micro-interactions to deliver a fully custom website experience that both looks great and is easy to navigate.

Patient Experience

Through the healthcare content focused tools baked into our Echo by E-dreamz CMS, we were able to help ProMotion organize, optimize and enhance all of their patient-focused content and utilities. With robust provider bios on their therapists, feature-rich location information pages, and a categorized quick-access patient resources section, the new website presents new and existing patients with all of the information and access they need to prepare themselves for the pre & post treatment journey.

Digital Marketing Strategy

ProMotion contracted us to begin providing our full suite of marketing services in advance of developing their new site. This allowed our marketing team to become more familiar with their brand, campaign, goals and tactics early in the development process so that they could assist our solutions engineering team in crafting a web experience that is truly tailored to ProMotion unique patient demographic and messaging strategy. This took the form of on-page content, social media branding and communication strategy, paid ad management, and all aspects of SEO. The end result is us having the ability to “hit the ground running” on day one of their launch with carefully crafted campaigns already set to run on all of ProMotion’s digital channels.

Digital Marketing

Before & After

Services Provided

Medical Website Design
We created a modern, custom medical and healthcare website design that presented the ProMotion brand with modern tools, structure, and scalability for its physical therapy and occupational therapy specialties.


Our team leveraged the most effective page optimization, high quality content, and elements to enhance the SEO structure. We prioritized page loading speed, user experience, and responsiveness to maximize seo scores.


Social Media

We connected ProMotion's priority audiences through appealing visual content using designs that match the brand, while planning and continuously publishing content that matches its goals.


Paid Media (Google Ads)
We grew ProMotion’s Pay-Per-Click strategy using Google’s platform to bring more patients in the door, scheduling appointments, showing interest and asking questions.


Website Administrative Support
We are dedicated to team growth. Prior to and after launch, we continue to support ProMotion's internal team's capabilities of managing their website's contents and functionality.


Website Support
After launch, we continue to support system updates, security checks, trouble shooting, quality assurance, and create new content sections and touch-ups as needed.