We are a Full Service Agency

Our objective is to provide each of our clients a comprehensive array of digital services under one roof and to deliver top-notch websites and campaigns that show results for your business.

Web / Mobile Development

Mobile Focus

We utilize the the latest responsive design techniques and technology to create the best user experience possible on all mobile, tablet and desktop devices. What exactly does this all mean? We build websites that detect your user’s screen size and orientation and then change the layout accordingly in order to provide your users with a positive experience. We also produce custom Mobile Applications in both Andriod and iOS.


E-dreamz specializes in e-commerce solutions. We have many years of experience in developing e-commerce websites and have built multiple stores from the ground up. Our team of experts will skillfully walk you through every aspect of creating a successful e-commerce store; from the platform to shipping, we’ve got you covered!


Design - it’s what we do. Our design team will provide you with cutting-edge creative that will leave your users with a lasting impression of your brand. From email templates and small websites to larger sized ecommerce sites, we will craft a look that best represents your company. Additionally, each design is carefully thought through to adjust for desktop, tablet and mobile sizes.


E-dreamz prides itself on the quality of its code and the talents of its development team. We strive to stay abreast of the latest trends in compatibility, security and optimization to ensure that our websites are built intelligently and appropriately to meet the specific needs of each client we support.

Project Management

Communication is key. At E-dreamz, we believe that an open line of communication between the client and the team is crucial. After identifying your project goals, we will carefully oversee every aspect of your project to ensure those goals are met. We also guarantee that you will stay informed every step of the way.

Long-Term Support

A successful website is never finished. Your relationship with E-dreamz doesn't stop when your site launches. We are with you and your business for the long haul - through hosting, technical support, new design and development, security and feature upgrades, and any other web-based needs that your company may face.

Internet Marketing

Social Media

We use social media channels to strategically promote your brand and website. A successful social media marketing plan will bring awareness to your brand as well as traffic to your website. We work hard to improve your online reputation, increase conversions, rankings and search engine saturation. Our goal is to increase the lifetime value of your customers.


Advertising your brand to the right people at the right time is key. We use tactics such as search engine marketing, banner advertising, social media advertising, and more to connect you with your customers. Our team will present you with various digital advertising solutions to increase your brand awareness and boost conversions.


Test, test, test. We aim to make your website the best it can be for your brand and your customers. Through A/B testing, we will discover and then deliver what elements of your site lead to a more positive user experience for the customer while being profitable for your brand.


Not sure how to decipher your Analytics? Let our team dive in and assess the real-time data for you. We provide our clients with custom reporting that includes all of your information in one easy to read document. Our strategist will then use that data to suggest adjustments and improvements to reach your campaign goals.

User Experience

Best practices in user experience ensure a quality interaction for the user when they come in contact with your brand. We work to understand your brand’s users, what they value and what kind of experience they expect. Our efforts go towards creating a positive user experience for your customers.

E-Mail Marketing

Whether you’re marketing a product or service - the key to success is communicating with your audience. Permission-based email marketing is one of the most effective ways to provide people with information while building a community around your brand. We’ve developed our own in-house email marketing program, EmailzDirect, and it’s one of the best in the business.

Echo+ is E-dreamz' own website framework, designed to support both ecommerce and standard informational sites. Echo+ is a fast, lightweight software service solution that is designed to be easily scaled, enhanced and marketed to meet the specific needs of each individual business.

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Our Partners

Bing Ads

Bing provides another venue for online paid ad placement that offers a low cost-vs-reward opportunity for your PPC campaigns.

Facebook Ads

Running PPC campaigns on Facebook is a fast-growing means of reaching a huge, targeted audience with your online ad placements.

STP Ventures is a premier IT services organization that provides consultation, support, and network security services.


Stripe is a fast, simple, and secure payment solutions that provides a hosted window for compliant credit card processing.

PayPal by way of their Express checkout option also provides a compliant, secure means of taking online payments.

Hosted PCI is another compliant payment solution that allows you to frame in your payment provider from a large number of popular processors.

Avalara is a powerful tax-calculating web service that allows ecommerce stores to calculate precise taxes for all orders.

Optimizely provides an incredible platform for creating, managing, and tracking multivariate A/B tests on your website.

Glew is an advanced analytics tool for ecommerce applications that helps you track, analyze, and optimize your sales data.

Friendbuy is an effective, easy-to-integrate customer referral program with excellent tracking and optimization tools.

Zopim is our preferred live-chat client, adding an additional means of communicating real-time with your online customers.

Picreel is a sophisticated conversion optimization tool that tracks site visitors' movements and serves up specialized offers.

Why Choose E-dreamz?

For more than 17 years, E-dreamz has grown and developed the skills of our team of top-tier professionals who can analyze and react to changing trends in the digital marketplace.
  • Dedicated Project & Account Managers - We form personal relationships with our clients
  • 17 Years in the Business - We're in it for the long haul
  • Creators of Echo+ by E-dreamz - Our own proprietary ecommerce framework
  • Truly Full Service - We design, development and implement all under one roof
  • Winner of 20 National Awards - We hope your site wins us the next one
  • Creators of Emailz Direct - We deliver millions of emails each month
  • Google Certified Experts - We have the tools and know how to use them
  • Commitment to Quality - Our sites are secure, efficient and optimized
  • Long-Term Support - Our ongoing success is your ongoing success