We live in a time of unprecedented technological achievement, digital accessibility, and rapid evolution of trends and ideas. To keep your business moving forward at the same pace of the market around it, you need a full Digital Solution. At E-dreamz, we specialize in delivering complete digital solutions that target customers through all channels. With a focus on eCommerce and lead generation, through mobile and web based initiatives, we combine everything from definition, design, build, usability and internet marketing into one comprehensive package. We have the creative, technical and marketing expertise required to offer true end-to-end digital solutions that deliver positive results. Since 1999 we have delivered exceptional value to some of the largest brands in the Southeast and we're more than confident we can do the same for you. We continue to retain long-term partnerships with our clients by delivering successful solutions and providing on-going support.

In today’s digital market there are often too many solutions to choose from and more than too many companies offering these solutions that fall far short.

At E-dreamz we focus our digital services around eCommerce and lead generation solutions dedicated to your business first. We work with each client to determine the best course of action for mobile and web based initiatives.

We take the best-in-breed platforms, such as Magento eCommerce, to deliver each client a solution that targets increasing revenue and customer acquisition.

From the start of a project our focus is driven on conversions. We start by understanding each client’s goals then lay out a detailed scope of work and requirements proposal. From there we bring together an experienced team of project managers, designers, marketers and developers to begin the process of building a successful platform.

Our solutions are engaging and informative while maintaining balance between artistry, technology and usability. We ensure that our solutions are optimized in a functional format that enhances the user experience.

Our PHP framework architecture will scale with your business so that you can reach your clients through technology market changes in mobile and web. For eCommerce, we implement both Custom and Magento solutions based on each client need.

Once we deliver we continue our commitment by supporting ongoing digital needs and enhancements through our maintenance and support services.

Partner with E-dreamz today to be a digital success tomorrow.


What's Magento

Magento is the premier eCommerce platform that features an integrated user Content Management System (CMS). Magento serves more than 100,000+ of the world's leading merchants and brands. The numerous features, flexibility, scalability and control over the user experience make’s Magento our preferred shopping cart platform. At E-dreamz we specialize in building quality e-commerce stores that generate leads and revenue that is why we use the best platform on the market.


Responsive Design

For the best user experience E-dreamz utilizes the latest responsive design techniques and technology . Responsive design is an approach to website creation that makes use of flexible layouts, flexible images and cascading style sheet media queries. The goal of responsive design is to build web pages that detect the visitor’s screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly. With responsive design, style sheets are targeted to a device’s display and serve a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone a style sheet depending on the query response. This capacity means that instead of having to build a special mobile version of a website -- which often requires writing new code from scratch -- developers can simply build multiple style sheets for the same web page and perhaps even associate different images with each of the style sheets. As a result, code can be repurposed instead of having to be rewritten.

Digital Marketing is a highly dynamic, ever-changing industry covering a vast array of offerings to target your users, prospects, and customers through web and mobile objectives.

E-dreamz will help you achieve success in Digital Marketing by examining your current online visibility, explaining the strengths and limitations of Internet Marketing, and helping you determine realistic goals. We will then meet and exceed those goals.

We consider the entire lead acquisition / brand engagement / purchase process from start to finish and beyond. We thoroughly analyze your target market and devise a strategy to lead potential clients and customers down the path to take your preferred actions.

Our Internet Marketing specialists in Charlotte will then plan, launch, and continually optimize your campaigns to ensure the best possible return on investment. We will work with you to create customer loyalty programs and strategies that turn your one-time customers into lifetime clients.

Our work is NOT done after a visitor lands on your website. We continuously test adjustments in on page elements (even the smallest tweaks can make a world of difference) to determine which version of a page works best. We also analyze the conversion funnel to determine which adjustments need to be made.

At E-dreamz, we don’t have any “set it and forget it” clients- we are never satisfied with the status quo. Our main goal is to make your business more profitable through conversion marketing, and we will not rest until we feel your site is performing at its best.


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