At E-dreamz, SEO is the foundation of all of our digital marketing services. We are a data-driven marketing agency that focuses on research, reporting and technical optimization to improve your business’s ranking in organic search results. We also focus on social media, email marketing and paid advertising campaigns to bolster your SEO strategy, drive sales or increase leads.

How We Work

We structure our marketing packages into what we call “blended retainers”. In our retainer model, we pre-allocate a dedicated number of working hours to your account each month for a fixed rate. With those working hours, our digital marketers, strategists and analytics will use best in class web reporting tools to define and target keywords and opportunities for your healthcare organization and then execute the strategy to improve your ranking for those keywords. The specific tactics we use to yield results can vary month to month via the flexibility of our blending retainers, allowing us to focus on any of our marketing services - be in on-site SEO, running email campaigns, managing social media accounts, or optimizing paid ad placements. We provide a detailed report each month to show exactly where our time was spent and what the benefit was to your business.

Our standard retainers are priced in allocations of 25 hours, 35 hours and 45 hours a month, at fees of $2,900, $3,900 and $4,900 respectively.

Ad-Hoc Support

For clients where a dedicated retainer or commission-based relationship doesn’t make sense or fit the budget, we can still provide any amount of ad-hoc or per-request marketing support to run campaigns, provide reports, or perform site health or SEO audits. Our hourly rate is $130 and we can typical provide turnaround on most requests within 5-7 business days.

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If you’re interested in partnering with E-dreamz for your SEO and digital marketing needs, we’d love to set up a time to discuss our services with you in more detail.

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