While the majority of our clients operate on our custom Echo by E-dreamz platform, we recognize that Echo isn't the ideal fit for every business or website. At E-dreamz, our primary goal is to help our clients choose the best solution for their needs. In many cases, that solution involves using the WordPress platform. 

WordPress is an excellent content management system with wide adoption, usage and reliability. Through the enormous network of WordPress themes, plugins, add-ons, and extensions, WordPress is the true Swiss Army Knife of website platforms. 

However, as is the case with any technology or software solution, there are drawbacks. High complexity websites that run numerous plugins or WordPress editor replacements often run into challenging issues with performance & security, and can frequently have issues in the future with upgrades, versioning and reaching end of life support for those various plugins. 

At E-dreamz, we typically recommend our Echo by E-dreamz custom solution for organizations that have large, complex website needs. But where your web needs are simple and can be accomplished via standard WordPress utilities without the need for a great number of custom plugins, WordPress can be an excellent solution. 

WordPress development is fast, affordable and reliable. And the WordPress backend is incredibly flexible, robust and easy to use. 

And since WordPress has such wide support, it's practical to self-host or take over internally in the future if your organization's needs change.

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