At E-dreamz, we focus on building fast, secure, marketable websites that are simple to navigate and administrate. For the transmission of personal health information, we recommend HIPAA-compliant service providers to handle all of your patient data and communication. We have experience integrating any number of patient portals, appointment scheduling tools or online bill pay services. We can custom build your new website to funnel patients into your existing patient-management or self-scheduling tools in the most intelligent way to streamline your patient experience. And if your organization is looking for recommendations on HIPAA-compliant data handlers or service providers, we can share details on the partners and tools we most frequency integrate. 

The majority of our healthcare clients use Epic's MyChart tool as their primary Patient Portal. MyChart can handle everything from appointment scheduling to online bill pay to patient data and records. And given that it's a product provided directly by Epic, any organization already using Epic's patient services can easily integrate MyChart into their website to facilitate seamless patient self-management. 

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