Feetures! is a family owned and operated company located in North Carolina, and their mission is to inspire people to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Feetures! came to Edreamz seeking an custom responsive e-commerce website to cater to their wide variety of clients and showcase their wide range of running socks. Beautiful scenic photography along with a balance of clean white space and modern typography make this site very eye-catching and user-friendly.

Our Solution

Cutting-edge design featuring beautiful scenic photography, modern typography and a balance of white space
Custom store locator allowing for runners all over to find where to buy Feetures! socks in stores
Seamless step-by-step checkout process
Custom backend built with our latest e-commerce platform
Responsive design to accommodate tablet & mobile shopping
Parallax scrolling for added visual effect

Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Email Marketing
    This tried-and-true method of digital marketing has been a great resource for Feetures! in sending out both informational and product related communications. Using our proprietary email platform, EmailzDirect, we’re able to send out tailored email blasts to just the right audience with a custom design.
  • PPC & Facebook Advertising
    To capture shoppers with intent to purchase, we leverage networks such as Google Adwords to put the Feetures! brand in front of consumers with carefully crafted advertisements on multiple levels. Through Search, display, video, remarketing, and product listing ads, we’re able to drive traffic to the site and ultimately increase conversions.
  • Overview
    Our digital marketing approach for Feetures! spans multiple online channels and was tailored to connect with their audience through various touchpoints. Runners are dedicated individuals and equally avid fans of products they love. We work to ensure that the Feetures! brand stands out online and speaks to their customers in places they shop most - which is why we take a comprehensive approach with search engine marketing, email marketing, and social media advertising.
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