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Does E-dreamz have experience building sites in healthcare or a similar industry?

Yes, E-dreamz specializes in designing, developing and marketing websites in the healthcare industries. We have more than two decades of experience supporting a variety of medical groups, including orthopedics, specialists, hospitals, and private practices.

What parts of my website project will be built by E-dreamz vs. outsourced to a 3rd party?

E-dreamz does all of its development in-house; we don’t outsource any of our work to third parties. We maintain a staff of full-time designers, developers, project managers and marketers to see all initiatives through to completion - from ideation to execution and ongoing maintenance.

Will my website be fully custom or will it look like one of your other clients?

We offer a variety of website development options that help us develop a solution that best meets our clients needs. Where rapid or accelerated development if preferred, we can work popular CMS tools and pre-built themes to create great-looking, fast performing sites for organizations with light-weight needs. Where more sophisticated or complex development is necessary, we use our own proprietary Echo by E-dreamz platform. Be it through a full, custom design or by customizing a pre-built theme, we can tailor your organization’s web experience to be as unique as you desire.

How long will the process really take?

While every project is unique, and the start-to-finish timeline can vary quite a bit based on requirements and complexity, the majority of our website development projects tend to fall within the 12-20 week timeframe.

Will I always need you to build new pages for me after launch, or will I be able to create content in house?

You’ll have full control to create new content and manage your site’s existing content through the Content Management System (CMS). Whether it’s through our own Echo by E-dreamz platform or through common web builders like WordPress, we develop all sites to have robust, full-featured content management tools that make maintaining and updating content simple and intuitive, even for novice web administrators.

Will my website be secure?

E-dreamz considers web security paramount, especially in the healthcare industry. All sites hosted on our Echo platform run in our network and receive ongoing dot-version updates to the underlying code base to ensure security and longevity. Being a custom platform, Echo is free from the commonly known exploits typically associated with open source or third party plugin-focused development. Our administrative backends are secured behind IP-restricted firewalls, so that only approved users can access the admin login area. Our servers are fully managed, continually patched and upgraded, and actively monitored. We leverage best in class tools for spam prevention on contact forms. And where personal health information or other data that falls within the scope of HIPAA compliance is concerned, we partner with some of the leading HIPAA compliant form providers and data handlers to help you make smart decisions about how your patient data is transmitted on the web.

What’s included and not included in your web design price?

E-dreamz' business development team will work with every prospective client to create a detailed scope of work that outlines all features, functions and deliverables of any web design project. In most cases, E-dreamz provides a "turn key" web project solution that encompasses all planning, documentation, design, development, testing, training, content entry, and hosting for your new website. Where clients prefer to be more hands-on with their own content or data entry, graphic design, or work with other branding or marketing agencies, we adjust our project pricing and scope of work accordingly. Ongoing digital marketing services, and/or development or administrative support for your website can be contracted via our monthly service retainers.

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Either through custom-design or accelerated development, every site we create is elegant, effective and built to meet our clients' needs.

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