There are currently 1.28 billion active users each month on Facebook.  With such a massive user base, it’s important that your company puts its best face forward. Finding customers, and keeping them interested in your company and what it’s saying still requires a few of the social skills that some of us forget about when we head online.

Here are a few ways to put your best foot forward from a social media marketing perspective, and to keep bad manners from costing you sales and a poor online reputation:

Learn To Be Positive: People are turned off by excessive negativity – online or off. Learn to keep your Facebook posts, tweets, and comments positive, even if you're talking about ongoing challenges. Over time, people will see you as someone with answers.

Don't Get Dragged Into Silly Arguments: Roughly five minutes after the Internet was invented, two strangers got into a heated disagreement over something that neither of them knew anything about or particularly cared for... or at least that's probably how one started. The point is that there are always things to disagree on, but it's usually not worth it to get dragged into the mud. If you have to take a contrarian view, remember to keep things on a professional level.

Refrain From Bashing The Competition: Likewise, it should go without saying that the worse things you say (or write) about the other companies in your industry, the worse off you're going to end up looking. If ever there was a time to take the high road, it's on social media where all your potential customers can see how you handle a challenge, and what you post is likely to be around for a long, long time.

Be Patient, And Good Things Will Come: Finally, learn that social networking sites are primarily for connecting with other people, not just aimlessly pitching products. Learn to be a patient expert that people can come to for answers, or discuss issues with, and you'll start to reap the marketing benefits in no time. Trying too hard to rush that process, and you'll only push buyers away.

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