Before I jump into our September focus I wanted to do a quick re-cap of our August feature. We have some serious knowledge bombs within the posts themselves. Anyone running AdWords today or just curious about starting Adwords should read each one.

Now onto our newest feature:

Social Advertising.

More specifically we will be focusing on the paid ads that run on/behind social networks. Often times these ads are lumped directly into “Social” as a platform, but we are here to change your opinion on that. Instead these ads nearly operate independently to any of your social pages/connects/friends/likes, etc.

Free your mind of all the negative connotation every performance marketer has said about social. I was likely the biggest non-believer two or three years ago. Though that has all changed! The tools have matured, the audience has matured, and... It works! Our September posts will change your entire perception of Social Advertising. So much that I’m sure many of you reading this will be launching ads in either late September or early October - just in time for the holiday rush!

Look out for posts focusing on the overall aspect of how social advertising works, the targeting abilities, how it differs in strategy, and how much cheaper (err less expensive) overall the program can be.

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