August 05, 2014

Search Exchange Internet Marketing Conference - Day 3

Key Takeaways from Day 3 – Social Media

One of the most noteworthy fundamentals I latched on to from Day 3 of the 2014 Search Exchange Internet Marketing Conference is that,
The power of social media lies in its ability to shape customer perception – Thomas Ballantyne, Bulwark
It’s time to come to terms with the fact that brands don’t completely own their messaging anymore. Customers are subject to influence and social media is one of the largest influencers of brand perception today. So how can you combat this? Utilize social media to control the perception of your brand through the following strategies:
  • Ask For Reviews – Engage your customers -> get good reviews -> control the perception of your product or business. Consumers trust reviews 12 x more than descriptions from the manufacturer, meaning reviews carry A LOT of weight in the buying process, your ‘About Us’ page...not so much.
  • Connect with Industry Influencers – Connect with relevant industry mavens who have Social Authority and show them the value of your brand. is a great resource for discovering prominent people around your particular niche – Brett Snyder, Agora Inbound.
  • Be Relevant - You need to make your content in social RELEVANT to your customer – they don’t care if it’s all about you, it should be all about them. Think of your social accounts as an opportunity to present yourself as a valuable resource to your audience, not an annoying salesman.
  • Find Focused Followers – Utilize targeting (available on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) to advertise to a qualified audience. Focus on Psychographics – interests, affinities, education, religion, relationships, etc. to your target your customer personas. – Merry Morud, aimClear. 10,000 likes from social media users who are not your customers provide little to no engagement and are therefore not constructive to your perception-shaping strategy.
  • Stand Out – Social Creative is different than Search Creative. Use high contrast images in your posts and consider updating your brand creative standards to incorporate social engagement i.e. your white, light blue and gray color scheme may need a refresher.
And remember Familiarity Breeds TRUST – Thomas Ballantyne, Bulwark. Today’s profitable businesses are those that have gained consumer trust, which can be achieved through the strategies listed above.