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We’ve all seen those ads that ‘stalk’ us around our favorite websites. One second you're checking out a new shirt or looking for a service you need. Then moments later on a different website, you see a very familiar site – an ad for that brand, product, or service. What’s up with that?

This type of advertising is called remarketing (or sometimes retargeting.) It takes display/banner advertising and customizes it based on the users' previous browsing history, intent, or signals determined by tracking cookies. That sounds a bit stalky, but no personal information is shared with the advertiser. You get placed into a list created by someone who has deployed the marketing campaign. That list is generally split by interests and how many days the ad should be shown. For us, we break down lists by product, category, service, or even just general branding. The timing is generally based on the sales cycle of the product or service. Longer cycle? Longer targeting.

This month we will be showcasing the many aspects of how remarketing works from strategic deployments, real-life examples, and unique concepts that are working for us. Stay tuned in June!

Since you're reading and viewing this page you are now part of E-dreamz remarketing. Prepare to see some of E-dreamz employees showcased in banners on Facebook, Instagram, and as you browse the web. Don't want to wait to see them? Check a few out below:

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Marketing + Development

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