Since Google implemented their Web Vitals evaluation system a few years ago, the emphasis on website health and routine performance monitoring has become a priority for all businesses. In order for your website to be positioned to rank as well as possible for any given keyword or search term, your site's technical SEO foundation, structure and content must all remain in constant good health. Site's with poor mobile experiences, slow page loads, unoptimized images & scripts, and broken links or security holes, will be penalized in SERPs from Google and other major search engines.

If you’re not routinely monitoring your website’s overall health by using site health evaluation tools and making the necessary updates, you should develop a plan to include site health in your monthly website marketing & support strategy.

Mobile-Friendliness & UX

The majority of web visitors browse websites using mobile devices. Whether that’s phones or tablets, the “mobile first” mentality of web design now extends beyond the look & feel of your web pages and into the technical foundation of your site’s architecture. Thinking through the browsing experience of fast connection, instant engagement, swiping vs scrolling, tapping vs clicking, etc, should drive all of the decisions you make in how you lay out your pages and develop your content. And with Google’s evaluation tools becoming increasingly intelligent and focused on measuring the mobile experience of your website, it’s crucial that you maintain a constant focus on maintaining a mobile-optimized experience for your visitors.

Page Speed & Performance

Page speed is one of the most important metrics for a healthy website. Apart from the real-world impact of nearly half of all web visitors abandoning websites or pages that take more than 3 seconds to load, there’s the Google factor of down-ranking sites and pages that have slow performance. Continually auditing your website for page speed and making optimizations to image sizes, content structure, code, third party scripts, and any other elements that influence the overall size and speed of your website’s page is critical to remaining competitive in rankings and providing an effective experience for your website users.

SEO & Content Structure

How your website’s content is structured is as important as the content itself. Having great information and messaging is of no value if it’s not optimized properly to be found by the users who are seeking that content. As you develop new content for your website - blog posts, service pages, news articles, team profiles, etc - it’s important that the meta data and structured data behind that information be updated to ensure it’s properly formatted, tagged and optimized for maximum search ranking.

Security & Broken Links

One of the biggest factors that can drag down a website’s overall health score is broken links, page errors, and security warnings related to out of data code or software. Routine monitoring, versioning, upgrading and patching is necessary to ensure your website remains defect-free and secure. This is a highly technical exercise that can often only be effectively managed by your development team.

E-dreamz Retainer Options for Site Health

E-dreamz offers flexible monthly retainer options for any of our services. Our Site Health retainer is designed to offer a low-cost solution for clients who don't need our full-service SEO, PPC and Support retainers but are interested in having us maintain their website's health. 

Site Health Retainer Services

  • Monthly monitoring, auditing, and evaluation
  • Page Speed optimizations and enhancements
  • Fixes to broken links, 404s, and other errors
  • SEO meta data optimization for newly generated content
  • Site structure/design recommendations for Mobile Friendliness & User Experience

For most averaged size websites, our Site Health retainer typically includes 5 hours of monthly retainer hours for monitoring, optimization, and updates at a rate of $600. Larger sites with more pages and complex page types may require more time each month to effectively monitor and optimize. 

If you're interested in a Site Health retainer with E-dreamz, contact us today to learn more. 


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