March 01, 2016

Drip Feed eMail Marketing – Consistent Customer Contact

Businesses today are striving to reach customers at every stage of the sales cycle. From the brand introduction to browsing and shopping, to purchase and customer service follow up, brands today are expected to actively communicate with their customers. E-dreamz has successfully implemented automated email campaigns that are sent at all stages of the sales and marketing cycle, determined by triggers set up by our clients and delivered by our Emailz Direct Tool.

Emailz Direct has sent around 80 million emails to meet our client’s marketing needs. These emails can typically be grouped by stages in the sales cycle. For instance, many of our eCommerce clients use Drip Campaigns to thank prospects for browsing or signing up for newsletter updates, follow up on product-specific browsing, purchase confirmation emails, Thank You emails post-purchase and follow-ups on shipping, product delivery and product updates for similar or related products. The benefit for our clients is a consistent message and communication with their customers. For customers, the benefit is an easily viewed and actionable message based on their browsing, shopping and purchasing habits that provides them with information, discounts and more.

In addition to standard replies in the sales cycle, E-dreamz uses drip campaigns to nurture leads from potential customers on our client’s sites. For instance, if a customer browses a particular product category, E-dreamz will follow up with them later to offer additional information, promotional discounts, etc. As always, the goal is to provide potential customers with the sales information and incentive to make a buying decision. A typical campaign may unfold as follows:

  • Thank You - Newsletter Sign Up: Standard Thank You email to customers for signing up to the newsletter
  • Product Information – Follow up newsletter with product information, downloads, case studies, etc. based on product browsing and shopping habits
  • Engagement – Promotional information, discounts, coupon codes, etc. designed to engage potential customers to re-visit shopping and purchase decisions
  • Confirmation – order confirmation with purchase/shipping details to confirm purchase
  • Thank you – a more personal post-purchase follow up thanking the customer for shopping and purchasing with our clients
  • Referral – Post-purchase follow up to encourage customers to share their product purchases with friends, social networks, coworkers, etc.
  • Re-Engagement / Offer – email designed to encourage past customers to continue shopping and possibly including a discount offer or product category-specific offer

This is just an example of how a typical Drip Campaign might be rolled out. At E-dreamz, our Internet Marketing staff can assist you by sharing Best Practices and successes from our many client campaigns, as well as up to date industry tactics that can help you and your business reach current, new and potential clients.

Contact the E-dreamz team today to discuss how a successful drip campaign can empower your brand or salesforce. You can reach us here.

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