February 16, 2016

Don't Get Punched in the Mouth

With Valentine's day just passing, just thought that I share a few things that I love about developing. Roses are red, Violets are Blue, I love when everything comes together and the Code comes out TRUE. No? Is that too much of a cliche? Thought I start off with some random cliché line. One of the common mistakes that we make as developers is that we don’t account for the randomness that’s not included within the project scope. What are the odds of that? Hmm. I've learned that everything that's not supposed to happen will happen and that you have to account for the unknown. Mike Tyson said it best, “Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth.”(In my Mike Tyson voice)

I have jumped into a project and ran with it, and then about 90% of the way get punched in the mouth because I didn't account for something. Roses are dead, my mouth is full of red, Oh how I wish I had take heed to everything I said. Yep, I tried another rhyme. Ok, I'm done.

We have to make all code scalable to some degree. This saves on time and effort. Done right, you can pick up some of the unseen and unknown problems within the code. Scalability for me is key. Develop a solid array of code that you feel can be widely used throughout the project. This saves on time and space. Why should there be or why should you create the same code that was used 5 lines ago?

For instance within the frontend realm of things, if I know that the blog, news, and media sections all have the same styling. Make sure you got a good understanding and basis of all of them and create a standard package of code.



.grid-item li{}

.grid-item p{}

.grid-item img{}

.grid-item span{}


Of course there could be minor additions to one of them, and in that case there will be and additional class appended to it to handle what ever special needs one may have. The key is understanding what all of those sections have in common and set that as the base.

Understanding the project and all of its requirements that were mentioned with the scope, and create a scalable package that will save you time within your development process. This may seem small to some but its always the small things that we overlook that become the biggest problem within development. Sure there are unique and UFO cases within the developing world, but with a solid base, re-scalable code and of course TESTING you should be prepared for Mike Tyson's Punch.