September 23, 2014

26,000,000 Emails Sent

Just as summer was arriving we were celebrating 15,000,000 emails sent through EmailzDirect. Today on the first day of fall we just crossed 26,000,000 emails sent. That is well over 2.6m emails each month over the summer!

As the weather gets cooler we are predicting and preparing for an even higher volume of email. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just a stone’s throw away. Then before we know it the Christmas buying season is upon us. Have you begun to prepare your inventory and staff?

Over the past year and a half, our clients have seen amazing gains with their email marketing. I’m predicting that email will account for more revenue and traffic then we’ve ever seen before during this holiday shopping time. 

Not sending emails with us yet? Hop in soon! Visit and shoot us your information. It’s never too late to get started. No list or campaign is to small for the EmailzDirect team. I hope to see some offers from your company in my inbox soon.