May 29, 2014

15,000,000 emails delivered!

Two months ago EmailzDirect was sending emails out at a blistering pace. We had proudly just crossed the 10,000,000 emails sent mark. This week we celebrate a milestone that came much faster than expected – 15,000,000 emails delivered! 

In the two months since our last record, we’ve continued to recruit new companies into the program. We’ve taken companies who never sent an email to their customers to emailing at least once a week. Emails were never mentioned in their analytics or reporting. Now it sits within or above the top of their analytics for traffic and leads/sales. Customers who had long forgotten their names are now back in the sales sheets. Customers who bought every once in a while are now buying regularly. All because of emails that were easily sent out!

Our current customers continue to push the limits of what we thought could be achieved in email results. In the past blog, I reference analytics showing email at 29% of revenue for a busy company. Well, this month that number is going to land in the 35%+ range. Overall their numbers continue to scale in all aspects. Email is just blazing past the rest in its growth pattern.

So, how many emails have you sent this month? Hopefully, you can relate to the numbers I mention above. If not, let us help you start sending emails today. All it takes is a list of customers and an idea. We take those two things and communicate/design/deliver the message for you.