Here's the story – you've been in business and have a website that you've been maintaining for several years. It has all of the necessary information on it and functions correctly like it was originally built to. However, the world of web design changes drastically from year to year and if you don't start fresh every once in a while and do a complete redesign of your website, it will quickly appear outdated and you might experience a dip in conversion rates, web traffic or even worse – lose your users altogether to another competing, better-looking site. If this scenario sounds familiar, consider the following reasons why it might be time for an upgrade.

1. Not Responsive/Mobile Friendly

Having a website that looks good on only one size screen is no longer acceptable in today’s world. Consider how many different sized devices there are out there that people are using to access your website. If built correctly, responsive design allows your site to look good at any size ensuring that users are getting a consistent and positive experience while browsing.

2. Has Flash On It

Flash used to be cool. It’s not anymore. If your website has Flash on it, then its days are numbered - Google will block all Flash later this year. If you currently use Flash for animation that you like and want to keep good news – there are plenty of ways to incorporate these effects in a more modern way.

3. Design Is Inconsistent

Let’s say you’ve made updates to your site here and there over the years. You’ve maybe added some new pages, maybe changed your branding or some of the fonts and colors you’re using. When you step back and look at your website overall and compare it to other branding materials you have, does it all look consistent and deliver a strong brand image and message? If the answer is no, then it’s probably time to reign it all in and redesign.

4. Too Many Pages & Too Much Content

Content is key, but having too much of it on your site can leave the user feeling lost and they may not leave your site having read the most important things that you wanted them to know. As if you’re moving from an old house to a new one and cleaning out your belongings, redesigning a site is a good way to comb through your content and give you a chance to really analyze and highlight what’s most important. Maybe five pages of content can be streamlined into one. Or possibly, one long page needs to be broken up into a few easier-to-follow pages.

5. Your Competition Has a Brand New Website

This reason may seem obvious, but make sure you’re keeping tabs on your competition and what they’re up to in the digital world. Good design makes a huge impact and you could lose visitors pretty easily to your competition if they have a new, modern-looking site. Time to keep up!

6. Not Secure

With users hearing reports of hacking more and more every day, it is extremely crucial that you take steps to ensure that your website is secure. A website redesign is a great time to take advantage of current methods of protection. If you’re not sure if your site is secure, here are a few tools you can use to do some research: (for Magento sites) (for Wordpress sites) (for Wordpress sites)

7. Not Converting

If you’re not getting visitors to your site to contact you or follow through in any way, there could be several reasons why. Maybe your contact information is not easy enough to find on your site, maybe you need more social integration to connect with users, or maybe you’re just not getting as much traffic as you thought you were. These are all good things to investigate and sort out in a fresh design.

8. I Can’t Edit/Easily Update the Content

With so many tools out there today to build a nice looking site that you can also easily manage content with and keep updated, it’s hard to imagine a time when this wasn’t possible. If you don’t have this capability on your existing site, it’s time to upgrade.

9. Gradients, Textures, Huge Drop shadows Everywhere!

If you’re wondering what web design trends are for 2016, check out this post. Flat, responsive design is the way to go if you want to engage with a modern audience. If your site looks more like some of the older sites we have listed and full of things like gradients, textures, and huge drop shadows it’s probably time to consider a redesign.

10. Poor Imagery

While stock photography can sometimes be useful and it’s not always possible to have custom photography done, it definitely makes your site less personal and can have a negative impact. If you have the option of hiring a photographer to take authentic, custom photos for a new site, this would always be our recommendation and is something you should definitely consider.

Lucky for you, E-dreamz has two great designers that stay on top of trends and we’d love to come up with solutions for all of these problems if you would like to consider redesigning your website. You can see some examples of how we’ve helped other clients redesign their sites here. Contact us today if you’d like to get started!

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