Working With Us

E-dreamz strives to deliver our services to the best of our abilities.

Each and every client is different. Every web project and digital marketing campaign is different. We deliver quality services and a positive return on every client’s investment in E-dreamz. We want to be your full service digital partner for years to come.

Below are some process talking points that are important to keep in mind for shared success.

  • With E-dreamz you will be working with a full-service digital partner with over 18 years of experience. Our best value is the team we have, our experience and our depth of knowledge and resources. Full-time support from E-dreamz’ dedicated staff of Marketers, Developers, Designers and Analysts is a given. You will not see us outsourcing to get your work done. However, we do make money by the services we perform, so we can’t work for free.
  • E-dreamz will work with you to learn about your business, needs and goals. A preliminary meeting will be scheduled for us to get to know one another and begin the process of understanding your project. If there is a fit we will work together to define a scope of work for a web project or an digital marketing campaign that is in-line with your objectives and budget. We will help guide you and recommend the services that will work best for you. Remember, our pricing may not work with every client looking for our services, but we will do our best to clarify expectations.
  • We do our best to develop a scope of work that entails everything you need your website or marketing campaign to be and do. Occasionally certain details go uncovered until late in the project cycle. We have a very simple change order process to make additions to the project scope as necessary if new requirements arise. We can also provide after-launch enhancements to your site at any time.
  • Single Point of Contact: In the interest of efficiency and effectiveness, we need a single, dedicated project champion within your business who can consolidate feedback and provide us with the necessary details to properly scope, design, build and marketing your site.
  • Each marketing campaign gets a dedicated campaign strategist. Each web project gets a dedicated project manager to work with you to get your site launched.
  • Understand that a successful project requires time on the client’s end as well. Most clients forget there is time needed from their main point of contact during a project or digital marketing campaign. Such as; gathering content, assets, approvals, content entry, meetings, requirements, etc. E-Commerce projects require a considerable amount of time and dedication from the client. Understand your products and how you need to charge for shipping, taxes, etc...
  • Echo+ runs as a subscription base model which provides added value through lower cost of entry, managed hosting and security upgrades as well as dedicated life-long support.
  • Content doesn’t write itself. The one thing that holds up a project more than anything is content. If you require help with content E-dreamz offers content writing services to assist you.
  • E-dreamz requires client’s to process credit cards and other payments via Stripe, PayPal Express Checkout, Heartland Payment Systems or HostedPCI’s hosted payment processing.
  • After the completion of a project or campaign, ongoing support remains in place for you and your business with options for additional development and marketing services that can be tailored to your needs.
  • Additional features, components or services may be added to a website or marketing campaign. Updates of this type will be priced based on the requirements of the requested addition. If a contract or change order is not required clients will be billed on a time and materials basis. E-dreamz bills at a blended fixed rate of $120 (2017 rate) per hour for all requested work for hire. Invoices for performed hourly work will be created at the next monthly billing cycle.
  • Our time is billable. E-dreamz is a service company..........all consulting, development, design and marketing time is billable time.
  • Websites and Marketing campaigns are not built in a day, nor do they guarantee you will become a millionaire overnight. Please keep in mind we are not magical wizards that can predict the future. We do our best to keep up with the latest technologies and tactics, but we are not fortune tellers at the end of the day.