Internet Marketing Areas of Expertise

More than your basic internet marketing agency, E-dreamz offers a full complement of Digital Marketing services to take your online presence and advertising to the next level. The services below will enhance any current internet marketing activities your company is currently running. Conversion rate optimization will make the most of all the traffic generated to your site from an SEO campaign. Local listing optimization, in conjunction with PPC management and SEO services, will have you dominating the search engine results pages. If you are ready to take your internet marketing endeavors to the next level, ask about our other internet marketing services.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an aspect of Search Engine Marketing that focuses on the active practice of optimizing a web site. This is accomplished by improving both internal and external aspects in order to increase search engine traffic. Search engine optimization affects only the "organic" listings on each engine (Google, Yahoo etc.) and NOT the sponsored listings.

PPC – Paid Placement

Paid Placement is a feature of Search Engine Marketing where advertisers are guaranteed to appear in the sponsored section of search engines in response to users specific search queries. Typically, higher rankings are obtained by out bidding other advertisers. Paid Placement networks are set up in a real-time auction environment where each key phrase is associated with a cost-per-click (CPC). Advertisers only pay the search engines when searchers click on their ads. Paid Placement is also often called "pay-per-click" or PPC advertising.

Email Marketing

Whether you are marketing a product, service, or newsletter, the key to success is and has always been communicating with people. Permission-based email marketing is one of the most effective tools for providing people with the information they are looking for while at the same time building a community around your business. Averaging a 10-15% response rate, email marketing beats all other media in cost-efficiency and scope.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing will help you promote your brand and website through the use of Social Media channels and strategies. A successful Social Media Marketing strategy will bring brand awareness and interest, improve your online reputation, increase traffic, conversion, ranking and search engine saturation; and increase the lifetime value of your customers. There are many different labels and definitions for Social Media Marketing. At E-dreamz, we take a comprehensive approach to Social Media Marketing with our primary focus of achieving your business goals. Social Networking will allow you to increase your exposure and build your online community. One technique is to build out Social Media networks like Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and more. These tools will allow you to communicate with the online public through various channels in addition to your website.


Mobile Marketing is a method of targeting customers via their mobile device. There are over 2.5 billion mobile phone users around the world today. An estimated 87.4% of people in the U.S. have an active mobile phone. Since the introduction of "Smartphone" mobile devices such as the iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, iPad, Evo, etc. - using the phone to search and use the Internet has increased dramatically in popularity. Some users rely solely on their enhanced mobile device for computing needs. Is your business in front of these mobile users yet?

Online Reputation Management

Our online reputation management service identifies web-based negative reviews, content, and press for your company. Once these sources have been identified, we then provide the owner with a chance to respond as well as employing SEO techniques to move the negative content down the search engine rankings - where visitors are less likely to find it. Our online reputation management service ensures your company will be fairly and correctly represented online.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization works to turn your website into a conversion generation machine. Using multivariate and A/B testing, we discover which parts of your website is hurting conversion. We then test different techniques, including calls to action and promotional offers, to find the unique combination of factors that deliver the most desire actions. Stop missing out on revenue from your website and make the most of your visitors with conversion rate optimization.

Local Listing Optimization

With local listing optimization, the goal is to get your local listing top positioning on search engine results pages. Local listing optimization is essential for local businesses because local listings are now taking the place of Internet yellow pages and directory listings. Local listings also transfer directly to Internet compatible mobile phones that offer a convenient click to call button. Make sure your company isn't losing out on local revenue because you can't be found!


Social Contest Marketing

Social Contest Marketing is a key feature of modern digital marketing plans. Build your brand while gaining desired results such as page likes and email submissions.  Social contest marketing engages your current followers while providing the ideal platform to gain new fans. We ensure that all Facebook and other third party platform guidelines are met. After completing the contest, convert your new fans into paying customers.

Viral Marketing

Looking to promote a new product or create buzz for a new service? Viral Internet Marketing is the perfect outlet for increasing traffic and awareness to any specific part of your website. Through social media, videos, and public relations; our viral Internet Marketing service will promote your new product or service by generating a positive buzz across the Internet.

Shopping Feed Management

Shopping feed management is an essential addition to any e-commerce website. Shopping feeds can get your products listed higher in search engine results pages, as well as drive a whole new demographic of shoppers to your website. Our shopping feed management service consists of thorough research and analysis to identify and promote high selling items - while removing items that do not perform well to give you the best ROI for your e-commerce business.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a powerful service underutilized by many Internet marketers. We perform the necessary marketing research to identify the best affiliate advertisers for your company. We will then manage the logistics of the partnership and ensure you are receiving the best compensation for your affiliate marketing efforts.

Re-Targeting Advertising

Re-targeting (or Remarketing) is a newer tactic we utilize with great success! Re-targeting gives previous site visitors who did not convert another chance to come back and take the desired action. We set up highly targeted display ads that are only visible to previous visitors of your website. This tactic is extremely cost effective and increases brand awareness.

Banner Advertising

Our banner advertising service is a cost-effective and ROI-driven approach to paid Internet advertising. We handle the necessary creative, budgeting, and partnership aspects of banner advertising to provide your website increased traffic - as well as a strong return on investment for advertising services.

Behavioral Targeting

One of the unique aspects of Internet marketing is the amount of data one can collect on prospective customers. We employ advanced behavioral targeting techniques to ensure your online efforts are reaching the right people at the right time. Behavioral targeting can provide advertisers with stronger conversion rates, cheaper cost per acquisition, and more qualified traffic. Don’t lose money targeting the wrong demographic; let E-dreamz discover your most interested customers.

Content Creation

As Search Engine Optimizer’s, we know the value of unique, exciting content. We’ll create content that tells your organization’s unique story while clearly promoting your objectives and goals. Combine our content creation service with SEO and we’ll ensure that content is optimized to give you the best chance at top organic rankings!

eCommerce Consulting

E-dreamz specializes in e-commerce. As a result, we have built many new e-commerce stores from the ground up. We’ll skillfully walk you through every aspect of creating an ecommerce store; from the platform to shipping, we’ve got you covered!

Reporting & Analysis

Do you have lots of data but don’t quite know what to make of it? Get lost in Google Analytics and Adwords? Let our expert Internet Marketing team decipher it for you. We’ll meet with you to understand your reporting goals and objectives. We’ll then comb through and analyze the data and provide you with a nice, simple, easy to read analysis.


Follow Up Email Automation

Stay in contact with your customers automatically. Send them a thank you for their purchase exactly seven days later. Tell them about a special promotion thirty days after their order has shipped. Remind them they have items left in their shopping cart one day after they abandoned it - that didn't get them to buy? Offer them a 10% promo code three days later. With our custom email automation, anything is possible.

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