Our Team

E-dreamerz are more than just developers, designers, marketers, and managers - we're budz, palz, confidentz and croniez. It's these synergies of camaraderie and teamwork that have forged us into the indomitable work force that we are. We foster the principles of commitment, integrity and teamwork. We set the right priorities and follow through with them every time. That's why we are recognized as one of the leading digital agencies in the area.
Nathan Pulver

Nate is the original Air Guitar maestro with the unique ability to have air duets with puppets singing AC/DC songs. He also still believes he's Brad Pitt's twin brother Nate Pitt.

Corey Miller
Vice President

Corey jumped into sales early in his career when he quickly realized he couldn't cut it as a designer.

Mike Fleming
Production Manager

Let's all get together and watch Days of Thunder and Talladega Nights!

Robbie Hodge
Internet Marketing Manager

Robbie enjoys watching real time Analytic numbers way too much.

Josh Hibbard
Systems Administrator

Josh is smoooooth like a suede blazer.

TR Williams
Senior Project Manager

TR once watched an entire season of 'Hart of Dixie' in less than two days...

Chris Branaman
Project Manager

Chris invited Tom Brokaw to his wedding.

Sarah Evans
Senior Interactive Designer

Sarah loves a good impromptu dance party.

Jane Huntley
Interactive Designer

Along with design, Jane is passionate about animals and has future cat lady potential.

Tristan Perry
User Interface Developer

Tristan secretly makes up little dances for random things such as the bacon dance, the winner dance, the soap box dance, and the classic bar crawl.

Katelynn Barlowe
User Interface Developer

If you can't find her drinking tea and coding, most likely she's with her plants or the dogs at the local shelter.

Ben Wisecup
User Interface Developer

Ben can't wait for the arrival of the Mattel Hoverboard in 2015.

Brian Chisholm
Web Engineer

In high school, Brian was told that his lips got bigger while playing the trombone, baritone, and tuba in the band. His nickname was "Big B".

Brian Moran
Senior Web Engineer

In a game of Balderdash in the winter of 2000, Brian's definition for the word "Lee" was "To brand a cow".  It was selected by all 13 players. It was the greatest moment of his life.

Bobby Webster
Internet Marketing Strategist

Bobby thinks camping should be an Olympic sport.

Jackie Maloomian
Internet Marketing Strategist

Jackie is one of the few born-and-raised Charlotteans left in the city.

Crystal Graves
Internet Marketing Strategist

Crystal once started a petition to have the show Shop 'Til You Drop brought back on air. Her favorite quote is "Whoever said money can't buy happiness, simply didn't know where to shop!".



Josh Price
Marketing Analyst

Josh is an avid foodie and spicy food fanatic.

Brian Henning
Internet Marketing Analyst

Brian talked his wife into climbing an active volcano in Indonesia at 4am on their honeymoon.

Todd Tennyson
Business Development

Todd was once detained in an airport and questioned by the police (the Man was trying to keep him down…)

Captain Finz
E-dreamz Mascot

Blurp blurbbb bloople blurrrrrbb blop.