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Supercharge Your Trello

For all my working career I have had scattered notes and to-do lists written down on either yellow sticky notes or pieces of paper. I attempted to use many organization tools, but found myself spending more time playing with them instead of working. One day that all changed - I discovered Trello

Trello is a simple yet powerful tool that can be used for anything that requires multiple steps, people, notes, etc. I started using it as a simple personal to do list. Then I forced it onto my Marketing staff as our daily agenda, tasks, and upcoming client list. Then we created unique boards for some of our Pay For Performance clients which got the E-dreamz production crew involved. Production got a taste of Trello and went full force and switched up their entire organizational system! E-dreamz is now run on excel and trello on a daily basis. Well enough on that - there are plenty of posts on why Trello is good. 

On to the good stuff - How To Supercharge your Trello.


1. Desktop Notifications

This is what MADE Trello for me. You can receive Gmail/Outlook instantly when you are mentioned in a card. Since I'm always assigning developers code tasks they often have questions on it's essential I respond quickly. Here is an example of what this looks like - 

How To Make It Happen (Source) (Chrome Only) 


Click the notifications button in the header of Trello

Select "Allow Desktop Notifications" from the menu.

You'll need to do this once per browser. After doing this, you'll get a desktop notification anytime someone @mentions you on a card.

If you are using chrome and you don't see the "Allow Notifications" link, make sure that you're allowing notifications by checking chrome://settings/content (Settings > Under the Hood > Privacy > Content settings ... > Notifications). You can see a list of accepted sites In Safari in "Preferences" > "Notifications".



2. Quick-Notifier for Trello 

Don't like desktop notifications? Just want a simple symbol that sits in your Chrome browser? Check out Quick-Notifier for Trello. I use this in combnation with desktop notifications since they do close if you are not around. At a quick glance I can see if I've missed any mentions. Example of what it looks like - 


How To Make It Happen (Chrome Only)

Simply Install Quick-Notifier for Trello in Chrome



3. Instant Email Notifications 

Don't like any sort of permanent notifications and just want instant emails when you are mentioned or an action happens in Trello? Well that is built in, but not very obvious. 

How To Make It Happen (All Browsers)


Click Your Avatar in the top right


Click Account Settings


Click Change Account Notification Frequncy 


Select Instantly. 



4. Trellololo your Trello

Obsessed with the Trolololo guy? We understand. Hate looking at your co-workers avatars? I have a solution!  Trololo your Trello! This changes everyone's avatar to the Trololo guy. 3

How To Make It Happen (All Browsers)


Click This Link


Drag Link to your Bookmarks Bar


Click the bookmark while in Trello.  

Author: Robbie Hodge - Internet Marketing Manager

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Trello is life CHANGING! Good post bawse man.
Bobby, January 29th 2013

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