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Nate Pulver


Nathan Pulver founded E-dreamz, Inc. in 1999 at the age of 25. He is a 1995 graduate of Bowling Green State University in Graphic Design (Go Falcons!). Prior to founding E-dreamz, Pulver held various Internet design and development positions at iXL, Webserve and Jefferson Pilot Communications. At these companies, Pulver served in a number of capacities, including Internet marketing manager, web designer and Senior Multi-Media Designer.

Nathan had always dreamed of playing in an AC/DC style rock band, but that never happened due to his lack of actual talent in that area. Air guitar only got him so far. These days he spends every free minute he can with his daughter Ayla, son Nash and his dog Magnus enjoying the simpler things in life. He still has hope that someday his hair will grow back.


Corey Miller

Vice President

Corey is an advertising design graduate turned sales consultant. Corey has enjoyed 16+ years with E-dreamz. Responsibilities include sharing success stories with customers, listening to clients’ needs and working with E-dreamz’s talented team to craft customized digital solutions to help them reach their business goals.

You could describe Corey as a retired rec-league all-star that now enjoys lower impact sports activities such as cornhole, darts, ping pong and coaching little league. Corey is a frequent visitor of one of E-dreamz’s longtime clients; OrthoCarolina.


Mike Fleming

Production Manager

Mike runs our production team at E-dreamz. He is a computer science graduate from UNC-Charlotte who focused on the web side of things very early on. Mike comes from a programming background, where he wrote web focused code in a variety of languages. He drives our team here to produce visually appealing and very functional websites to our diverse client base.

You could describe Mike as a dedicated husband and father, an avid baseball fan (Let's go Mets!), technology geek, who still listens to 80's hair metal bands on a regular basis.


Robbie Hodge

Internet Marketing Manager

Robbie stumbled upon the Adwords beta and became instantly hooked to online marketing. After evolving a basement startup into an internet powerhouse he decided he wanted to do the same for as many businesses as possible.

You could describe Robbie as a bearded, first mover, techno-logic evangelist, podcast enjoying, product hunting, growth hacker , and lover of beer.

Josh Hibbard

Systems Administrator

Joshua Lawrence (JLaw.com) Hibbard sprung forthright, suede-blazered and aviator-shaded, from the primordial soup of Wisconsin. In high school, he developed a flavor for the ripe teat of capitalism when he organized and spearheaded a successful and lucrative CD pirating ring. In college, he overhauled the University's student orientation format to dictate an adherence to midwestern sensibilities and require at least a working familiarity with the musical stylings of Camera Obscura. From there he ambled ever onward, steadily evolving into the inimitable force of information technology and system administration that he has become today.

No man's life interests can be accurately summed up in a single paragraph, but this holds especially true for JLaw Hibbard. Rather, let's merely list things that he has, or does, in no particular order: Craft Beer. Mazda Miata. An Unlikely Metabolism. Cutting Edge Home Electronics. A Deep and Terrifying Knowledge and Understanding of All Interests. Vinyl Records. Soldering Irons. A Demonstrable Will.


TR Williams

Senior Project Manager

TR has spent the last 12 years managing web and software application development projects of varying size and complexity for companies ranging from Fortune 500 telecommunications giants to, ya know, E-dreamz. He's not sure why; it just sort of happened.

His interests include: Phil Collins. Manual Transmissions.


Susanne Mulligan

Project Manager

After owning a competing agency for 12 years, Susanne sold the company and joined forces with E-dreamz. With over 15 years of web development experience, Susanne knows the importance of keeping a project on schedule and within budget. She strives for this daily while also bringing fresh ideas to the project to improve its overall performance. At home you'll find Susanne soaking up as much time as she can with her daughter, being crafty or working in her yard.


Sarah Evans

Senior Interactive Designer

Armed with a degree from East Tennessee State University and loads of ambition, Sarah and her husband Anthony moved to Charlotte in 2007. She has been working at E-dreamz for the past 7 years and loves waking up every day to play an integral role with such an amazing team.

On the weekends, Sarah can probably be found at a local brewery with friends or at home cooking, watching Netflix and working on her latest creative project with loved ones by her side.


Jane Londeree

Interactive Designer

Originally a painting/drawing major in college, Jane switched to graphic design after she took her first design class sophomore year. She graduated in 2009 with a BFA in Graphic Design from Appalachian State with a concentration in studio art. She loves working with the great team at E-dreamz and designing fun & modern websites for our clients.

On the weekends, Jane can usually be found at home with her husband Jeff and cats doing something creative or watching football. She is also known to do yoga multiple times a week and swears by her strict vegetarian lifestyle.


Tristan Perry

Full Stack Developer

Tristan graduated in 08 from Bowling Green State University (BGSU!!), and immediately packed up all his belongings and moved to Charlotte in pursuit of the perfect career. Number one on his list was this really cool agency called E-dreamz. With total ambition he submitted his resume, but it wasn’t until 3 years later on one faithful day in August a call came in that would change everything. It was Nate, asking him to come in for an interview. Tristan gracefully declined. Though, Nate being persistent kept calling until he agreed. The rest is history.

Tristan, when not programming, loves beer, football, and just hanging around town with his wife and friends. If you want a friend for life, buy him drink, and say something like “Hey, that BG quarterback should really be a Heisman contender” or “You know those buckeyes are just too good!”


Katelynn Barlowe

User Interface Developer

Katelynn started as an intern at E-dreamz when she was 18 and knew only basic HTML. While working part-time at E-dreamz, she finished her Bachelor's degrees in Computer Science and Web Technologies. Through web development, Katelynn gets to mesh her love of creative arts and her math and science mind. She comes at web development from a computer science background, bringing best programming practices to the Wild West of Internet coding. Nothing makes her happier than creating a slick, modern, beautiful user experience on the web!

When not flitting around as a code fairy, Katelynn enjoys chasing her toddler and snuggling with her pitty, hiking and playing strategy board games with her husband.


Ben Wisecup

User Interface Developer

Ben has been creating websites in one form or another since the dawn of time (or whenever Netscape Navigator was in use). Looking back on the days when tables and Dreamweaver were tools of choice, he is grateful for the advances that have been made in both web browsers and authoring tools. Ben's goal while developing websites is to make use of the right tools for the job in order to create a product that is elegant to the user while also being easy to maintain in the future.

When not git committing (or crying while manually diffing), Ben likes to spend time at home with his wife and children and do all kinds of other geeky stuff. Since the passing of Future Day (October 21st, 2015) Ben has been disappointed with the utter lack of "futureness" of this reality. He is still awaiting the arrival of the genuine Mattel Hoverboard.


Brian Chisholm

Web Engineer

Brian has a deep love for Magento, but understands that there is always something better. Laravel! He came from a graphic designer background, and then just wanted to understand how the web works and functions, so he went and received a graduate from AAU online (of course). He has spent the last few years honing his development skills on both ends of the court.

On his down time, he focuses his artistic skills on creating his next oil painting masterpiece. If he isn’t locked in his painting studio, he is still counting the championship rings his MIAMI Heat were supposed to have gotten. (Not 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8, but just 3)


Brian Henning

Internet Marketing Strategist

After leaving the snow belt of Cleveland, Brian began his professional career in the Queen City. With years of experience in selling digital solutions, Brian made the jump to the marketing side of the business and hasn’t looked back since. He loves to test the latest software platforms to determine which one is the right solution for his clients.

Brian plans on handing down his most prized possession to his son Lincoln – his one share ownership in the Green Bay Packers. Brian loves just about any outdoor activity, and tries his hand at programming in his free time.


Todd Tennyson

Business Development

Todd is part of the E-dreamz Business Development team. He works with current and prospective clients to help determine how the web can help them improve their business. Working with clients to achieve goals is a big part of the E-dreamz process, and one that he enjoys.Todd is a graduate of the University of South Carolina, focusing on Advertising and Marketing, and he has been selling internet advertising and web projects for over 15 years.

Todd enjoys long walks on the beach, puppies, kittens, unicorns and rainbows and spending time with his wonderful wife Amy and their kids Zachary and Maddie. And also full contact MMA fighting.


Sarah Schoffman

Project Manager

Sarah has been a project manager since leaving college in 2011 as a USC Gamecock with of a course a business degree, thank you Darla Moore. While continuously learning from the team and industry, she strives to make her clients happy from the small to the large things in life.

In Sarah’s free time if she isn’t on the road traveling or at the nearest local concert she’s probably cuddle up with the boyfriend and puppy (Sophie who ate half her heart), watching Netflix.


Kelsey Lee

Internet Marketing Strategist

Kelsey is a results-driven marketing professional with a focus on search engine optimization and paid search for lead generation and e-commerce. Quickly after graduating from UNC Chapel with a degree in public relations, she realized her calling: to explore and conquer the digital frontier.

In her spare time, Kelsey enjoys test-tasting the latest and greatest in the ever-expanding Charlotte brewery scene -- with her pup, Alphie, in tow. To satisfy her love of learning new skills, she's taken on the art of sewing and is close to completing her first quilt.


Ryan Cormack

Internet Marketing Strategist

Ryan is an experienced digital marketer with a hunger for more knowledge. After graduating from the University of South Carolina, the wave of internet marketing hit Ryan in the face. Working for and with everyone from small agencies to public companies, he his always looking for new ways to generate more return for his clients, while also offering the best in service.

When not strategizing for his clients, Ryan can be found in the trout streams of North Carolina, suffering through miles on his road bike, adventuring with his fiancé, and hanging out with his German shorthaired pointer, Molly. Ryan also dabbles in landscape photography as well craft beer exploration.


Aaron Gingras

Internet Marketing Analyst

Aaron originally grew up in the Midwest and moved to North Carolina in 2006. While attending NC State University he was exposed to the world of marketing for the first time. Working for an agency has always been the dream, so over the past few years he rounded-out his skill set in order achieve that goal. Whether it was traveling around the country launching and promoting products, gaining digital marketing experience through numerous internships, or networking with marketing professionals, he was able to successfully make his dream a reality.

When he is not at work you can find Aaron enjoying the Charlotte music scene, rooting for the Green Bay Packers & Michigan Wolverines, searching for great pizza, burgers & craft beer, plotting his next international trip, or playing basketball & baseball.


Logan Sutton

Marketing Support

Logan is a recent graduate of Queens University of Charlotte. She fell in love with the digital marketing world after an internship at the McColl Center for Art + Innovation. She knew she wanted to work for E-dreamz as soon as she saw the logo was one of her favorite colors, orange

As one of the few Charlotte natives, she’s a long time Panthers and Hornets fan. She has only lived in one city but she loves to travel, especially to France because she’s a total Francophile. Outside of work, you can find her cheering on her Clemson Tigers in a tiger onesie, turning any place into a gym, going to art openings, trying different sushi, petting dogs, and drinking beer.

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